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The ever changing economic climate has created fear among some investors, so it’s no wonder people are having second thoughts about their money managers and financial advisors.  For many, the biggest issues are integrity and trust.  Who can you trust to help you make smart financial decisions and to manage your money with your unique goals in mind?

Your investment advisor or asset manager is probably focused on helping you earn the highest possible rate of return for the amount of risk you’re willing to accept; but, does your current advisor consider how your investments and insurance should work together to help you reach your financial goals?  Were your asset allocation decisions reviewed from an income tax perspective?  Does your advisor offer only their company's proprietary products? Do they routinely utilize modern portfolio theory and the latest global investment options available in developing your personal investment portfolio?

At Nolan Wealth Management (NWM), we conduct a detailed examination of your existing portfolio and combine that with your objectives and tolerance for risk to identify the ideal investment opportunities for your situation.  We’ll check your asset allocation for tax efficiency, coordinating your investments with your current estate or retirement plans and suggest other strategies to help you achieve your financial goals.

We don't have a particular investment style, strategy or product set.  Instead, we consider a wide range of options to create an individualized tax-efficient, global, multi-asset portfolio for each of our clients.

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