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NWM On The Mark Monthly Newsletter

September 2023 Special Edition

Shutdown the Drama

September 2023

The End of a Cycle?

August 2023

Back to the Future 60/40

July 2023

The "Artificial" Magic in the Stock Market Rally

June 2023

Avoiding a "Self-Inflicted Recession"

May 2023

The Retractable (Debt) Ceiling

April 2023

Demise of the US Dollar: Greatly Exaggerated or Destiny?

March 2023 Special Edition

Banking Crisis Averted, But Risks Remain

March 2023 Special Edition

Fed Decision -- Aiming for Stability

January 2023 

Three Takeaways from 2022

December 2022

The Path of Inflation: It's All About That Base

November 2022

Midterms & Markets

October 2022

Is the 60/40 Portfolio Dead or Just Dazed?

October 2022 Special Edition

The Bear Market is Back, Will it Hibernate Soon?

September 2022

Midterms & Markets

September 2022

Defend with an Inflation Buffer

August 2022

3 Actions to Consider When Volatility Strikes

August 2022

Confused About the Economy? It's OK.

August 2022 Special Edition

Investing Is Hard

August 2022 Special Edition

Will High Inflation Last Forever?

July 2022 Special Edition

Revisiting Bonds: The Interest Rate Conundrum

July 2022

Not All Recessions Are Created Equal

July 2022 Special Edition

Is A Recession Needed to Tame the Bear?

July 2022 Special Edition

Revisiting Bonds: The Interest Rate Conundrum

June 2022

Bear Essentials: A Historical Guide

May 2022

Is the US Headed for a Recession?

April 2022

Should Investors Bail on Bonds?

March 2022 Special Edition

The Uncertainty of War

March 2022

Russia-Ukraine War: The Crude Awakening

February 2022

Time In Versus Timing The Markets

January 2022 Special Edition

Volatility: The Painful Return to Normal

January 2022

The Hidden Risk in the Stock Market

December 2021

Three Market Surprises in 2021

November 2021

The Long-Awaited Unwinding Road Begins

October 2021

Will Inflation Be Permanently Temporary?

September 2021

Is Gold Losing Its Shine?

August 2021

Is There a Bubble in the Real Estate Market?

July 2021

Beyond the Inflation Headlines

June 2021

Understanding the Meme Stock Mania

May 2021

History of Tax Hikes and Market Impact

April 2021

Three Takeaways from the COVID Crisis

March 2021

Is the Inflation Genie Out of the Bottle?

February 2021

Should You Invest at Market Highs?

January 2021

Is Your Portfolio Ready for What’s Next?

November 2020

The Elections Are Over, So, Now What?

October 2020

Elections & Markets: Will Higher Taxes Sink Stocks?

September 2020

Implications of Fed’s Average Inflation Targeting

August 2020

Elections and Markets

July 2020

Tech Boom Despite the Economic Gloom?

June 2020

Addressing the Income Challenge

May 2020

The Great Disconnect: The Markets & The Economy

April 2020

The Stock Market vs. The Economy

The Essense of Investment Management April 2020

March 2020

Keeping Calm During Market Volatility

February 2020

Coronavirus and the Markets

January 2020

How Will the US and Iran Conflict Affect Oil?

December 2019

Do Presidential Elections Influence the Stock Market?

November 2019

Federal Rate Cuts: 3 Strikes or 3rd Time's a Charm?

October 2019

Can Impeachment Cause a Market Crash?

September 2019

Are We Near a Recession?

August 2019

What Is Driving Market Volatility?